Aboo Partners clients include mostly Industrial Companies, Private Equity Funds, Family Offices, Family-owned Companies and Management Teams. Based in Spain, the company has a strong international focus, frequently working for foreign clients.

The services offered by Aboo Partners are:

Corporate Advisory

Aboo Partners advises Industrial Companies, Private Equity Funds, Family Offices and Family-owned business on M&A processes, Investments, Divestitures, Spin-offs, Strategic Alliances, Search of new partners, Rounds of Capital, etc. offering broad advisory services all along the process.

Mergers & Acqusitions (M&A): Financial & Strategic Advice to institutions and individuals in acquisition and sale processes, creation and development of joint-ventures and design and execution of mergers.

Aboo Partners is involved during the whole process, advising its clients on the different phases: Planning and Definition of goals and objectives, Identification of candidates, Operations and companies analysis, Design and Structure of the transaction, Valuation analysis, Presentations and documentation, Negotiation of preliminary and final offers, Coordination of the different players (lawyers, tax advisors, auditors…) and processes (offering process, due diligence,…) and Successful closing.

Rounds of financing: Coordination in the search of capital financing on the different stages of the company (Seed Capital, Start-ups, Venture Capital, Private Equity, etc.) in which the shareholders are seeking to find new partners that bring along capital and other intangible assets such as experience and contacts.

Aboo Partners is involved alongside the process: Planning and Definition of goals, Company valuation, Identification of potential investors, both domestic and international, Preparation of the documentation, Contacts with potential investors, Leadership in negotiations, Calendar and process definition and Coordination of the different players and processes until closing.

Financial Advisory

Aboo Partners offers its clients a wide range of services related to the design, structure, negotiation, monitoring and control of short, medium and long-term financings, including debt securing and renegotiation. These services are not necessarily linked to a transaction, ranging from advice on capital structure, cost and financial risk to restructurings and financial alternatives.

Among the services offered by Aboo Partners, we can highlight:

Analysis of the current financial structure and definition of an optimal structure.

Financial Restructurings and refinancings or capital amortization: Access to specific financial sources, optimizing the resources obtained.

Project Finance: Securing Project finance in the best conditions, originating a competitive situation among domestic and international banks.

Acquisition Finance: Securing acquisition finance for corporate acquisitions, negotiating debt packages, with special focus on covenants, types, terms, etc.
Business Consulting and implementation

For Aboo Partners the consulting activity is synonymous of value creation through advice.

Actions to be taken on key elements of the company have to be a feasible answer to real problems. The proposed solutions have to be in line with the business nature and with the specific objectives, but also with the culture of the company and the available resources.

We implement our recommendations, working together with the management team and the shareholders, carrying out measures that bring real added value to the company. Our involvement in this process is tangible and effective, being often the main agents of the proposed change.

Besides the most traditional consulting activities (analysis + diagnosis + solution), Aboo Partners carries out other activities such as Representation in Boards, Business Plan developments, Strategic Plans, Market researches, Restructuring and refinancing operations, Feasibility analysis, Valuations (both for internal use or for fairness opinion), Cash plans, Merger negotiations and Due diligence processes.

Based on the educational experience of its team, Aboo Partners offers taylor-made programs to a wide range of clients in the financial, legal and industrial sector matters related to mergers and acquisitions, financings, Private Equity, modelling, Financial Statements, Control and Monitoring Tools, etc. Aboo Partners also trains on management capacities, such as negotiation, communication, conflict solving, decision making, etc.

Aboo Partners also offers coaching and mentoring, both individual and group oriented, for managers and companies with a high specialization in conform and develop teams in the different transition stages of the companies (divestiture, entry of a new shareholder group, strategic and management changes, internationalization, etc.)

Aboo Partners collaborates with different public and private organizations to achieve the creation of new companies and the consolidation of the entrepreneur spirit in the Spanish society.
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